What is We Over Me?

Weoverme is a nonprofit, independent news site dedicated to “Interpreting the Times” through the lens of the Bible.

In Luke 12:56, Jesus says: “Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don’t know how to interpret the present time?”

What does it mean to interpret the present time? It means to call out when the emperor has no clothes. It means to speak truth to the obvious. It means to stand your ground when people try to convince you that a man can be a woman.

The same serpent in the Garden of Eden continues to slither around today promising people peace of mind only if they release themselves from the prison of their bodies. Only then will they find their true identity. This serpent masquerades as an all-knowing elitist expert class.

These so-called experts say they have our best interest at heart. They use guilt or contempt to lure us into their worldview, which taken to its logical conclusion is a gnostic Marxist view of a god within. This should not be mistaken for the Kingdom of God within us that Judeo-Christians believe. But the belief that man is God. The rejection of God’s authority over our lives and the forsaking of our identity in Christ have made society’s obsession with self and identity (gender or race) the latest golden calf to worship.

It is the same as worshipping me, over we. Hence why we came up with the name: We Over Me.

About the name “We Over Me”

Now this name can be seen as a stand for a socialist utopian view of the greater good over the individual. Our position couldn’t be farther from that falsehood. Here’s the rub against a socialist utopia: Who defines what is the greatest good? We believe in America’s distinctive emphasis on individual rights because it is the rampart that thwarts any attempt to pursue the greater good with tyrannical force. Socialists would like everyone to think they (this expert, elite class) can define the greater good for all because of their expertise and compassion. But it is a very me-centric view of themselves and a deluded view of the nature of man.

I wrote a post long ago about a “Good for we vs a good for me.”

The socialist view of good is not good for we. It is ultimately, good for “me” or those who agree with me. A good for “we” requires something greater than ourselves, and our subjective view of the world. It requires an absolute and transcendent God as arbiter.

Many media sites may point to these so-called “experts” to influence their readers of what is right, what is wrong, what is cutting-edge science and what it means to be compassionate. This site will question those so-called experts, particularly in the case of politics, healthcare, education and programs targeting our children. And in our conversations and analysis, we will endeavor to interpret the world through a biblical lens.

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Weoverme is an independent news site dedicated to “Interpreting the Times” (Luke 12:54) through the lens of the Bible. We'll interview Christians in business, politics and academia and in the news to help cut through the confusion.


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